“…What we are doing is a statement of our belief in the redemption of human beings. It is a pronouncement from those in authority to some of our least powerful and most ignored citizens that we care about you and want to reach out and help you: your lives and well- being are important to us. The truth of the matter is that this may be the first time in the lives of many of these people that someone is actually listening to them - hearing what they are saying and telling them that they care about them and what happens to them is important. You know, there is a mathematical equation that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. I believe this is also true in human affairs. We tell them we care about them and they begin to feel worthwhile. Some pretty important people (judges, lawyers, and others in authority) are telling them we don't want them to fail- they begin to believe they can transcend. ….”*


* Judge Herbert Klein, Senior Judge, Circuit Court for Miami-Dade County, credited for creating the drug court concept. Keynote Speech, “The Power of Connection: Fuel for Drug Courts”. 1996 Florida Drug Court Conference.

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